• In Christ Devotions

    In Christ Devotions

    366 Days of Revelation and Insight to ensure your day to day experience of salvation

  • Romans Revealed

    Romans Revealed

    A Verse by Verse Expository and Exegetical Commentary of Romans chapters 1 to 11

  • Shawn Smith Compendium of Paul's Epistles

    Shawn Smith

    A compendium of a pre-researched library of the finest New Testament scholars and Bible translators.

  • EStablished in Christ

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  • Live Stream

    Every Wednesdays, 17:30 and Sundays 7:30 and 17:30 GMT+1

  • Theosis Institute

    This September 2016, be schooled in the Mysteries committed to the Apostle Paul

  • Health Renewed in Christ

    This Month End, from September 1st to 4th

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Word of the Week

"The Life of God which is also known as Eternal Life is the present, actual possession of the believer in Christ Jesus. You were quickened with this God-life." --Dr. Annie SMITH